Sink or Swim

That’s been my mantra for the past 7 years and has culminated in the launching of SGR Consulting. 

As a cancer survivor I had to learn the hard way that my personal life has a direct influence on how far I went professionally. 

A few years ago, I felt stuck. Through journaling and an insane amount of brainstorming I have come to realize that I have the ability to help others who may be struggling, to help connect them to others and to help them grow professionally. 

I also began to understand that I have almost a super hero like ability to problem solve and take abstract ideas and find the most efficient way to make those ideas come to life. 

Additionally, for almost 20 years I had the privilege of working with fundraising organizations and membership organizations in helping them to implement strategies to increase their revenue. Very quickly, my expertise became using data, and leveraging data analytics to increase results for my clients.

In addition, due to my experiences, I understood that the gap between personal and professional growth is virtually non existent.

I realized that what I wanted to do was to provide holistic support for my clients so they could achieve the best results for their organization, while providing them personal support…

Basically to bridge the gap between personal and professional growth and learning. 

My first step is to provide comprehensive data analytics so that I can benchmark where the organization is today and set some measurable and achievable goals. This provides our professional road map. 

Step 2 became introducing the client to a tribe of peers that would help them troubleshoot professionally and personally and support them in growing both as a professional AND as an individual.

This is my eventual goal and I hope to launch our first “Tribe” by March of 2021.

Let’s do this!


Sherene R.

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