When I received the news that I had Ovarian Cancer, back in November of 2015.. Friday the 13th of November to be exact… I turned to the Ovarian Cancer Research Alliance for answers about my specific type of illness.

This was the resource that I turned to in order to better understand my options, next steps, and how my life was changed forever. That was the platform I turned to – to connect with others who had gone through or were going through the same thing I was…

I think the impact of societies and Associations etc on our lives is even greater than I originally thought.. Sometimes we turn to these organizations 501c3’s (fundraising) and 501c6 (membership) in hard times, in order to gain insights, connections, cutting edge research, and community.

We instinctively know this is the fastest way to more knowledge, connections, whatever it is we need, the reasons we landed here in the first place..

How has a fundraising or membership organization impacted you? 

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