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Hey there! I appreciate your being here and reading more about me.
I am a cancer survivor (you can read more about that here) Single mother Criminal Justice Reform Advocate (read more about why I became involved here) Founder of Justice IQ

I have spent most of my career working in the non profit space helping organisations raise money. I did this through data analytics and writing strategic plans that were actionable. In 2021, I started SGR Consulting because I realised, through my own journey, that achieving true success required me to look at my life on a complete and whole level.

I became aware that if my home life was out of order, then there was only so far I could go professionally. Through SGR I hope to bring a sense of community, a place to bounce around ideas, to share creative ideas and to help all of us grow in all the ways.

I believe Sean Actor said it best when he gave the definition of happiness.. Happiness is the feeling of joy when you are working towards your full potential. Sean has also shown through his work that happy people are more productive and earn well over 50% those who are unhappy.

You can learn more about me by clicking the link below