The Power of Non-Profits

When I received the news that I had Ovarian Cancer, back in November of 2015.. Friday the 13th of November to be exact… I turned to the Ovarian Cancer Research Alliance for answers about my specific type of illness. This was the resource that I turned to in order to better understand my options, next […]

My why… what’s yours?

In 2015 my brother was convicted of a crime he did not commit and sentenced to life in prison. Years later we are finding out all the ways that his case went so badly. For the next 17 months, we fought for him – we thought there was no way he would get convicted. The […]

A new book, A new chapter

Sink or Swim That’s been my mantra for the past 7 years and has culminated in the launching of SGR Consulting.  As a cancer survivor I had to learn the hard way that my personal life has a direct influence on how far I went professionally.  A few years ago, I felt stuck. Through journaling […]