In 2015 my brother was convicted of a crime he did not commit and sentenced to life in prison. Years later we are finding out all the ways that his case went so badly.

For the next 17 months, we fought for him – we thought there was no way he would get convicted. The evidence was so clear and the truth always wins right?

Ummm not so easy as we found out.

This event changed forever my outlook on the work that fundraising organizations do for our communities and societies.

I launched Justice IQ in 2016 as a way to minimize the number of wrongful convictions in the first place through education.
THIS is why I work with 501c organizations.

Without organizations like The Innocence Project, Black Lives Matter, The Equal Justice Initiative, and more, we COULD NOT incite long-lasting social change.
As those who work in the 501c community, have you thought about your journey and what brought you to this point? What was the fire, the story that led you here? Keeping this at the forefront of your mind as you do what you do every single day, could help you keep that fire and that passion alive.
I would love to hear your story… I hope you will share below! Remember, Team501c and I are here to support you as you change the world.

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